For first time registration, go to System Preference and do a quick setup.

General Settings

Includes company settings, tax and sales settings, sales memo settings, reward point settings, cash box settings, and language settings.

Support Device Settings

Includes settings for connection with support device such as receipt printer, customer display, octopus connect, barcode scanners and card readers.

Printer Settings

To setup connections and settings for printers

Receipt Settings

To setup the display of printed out receipt

User Interface Settings

Includes language settings, sales memo UI, products & customer listing, sales/payment UI, and configuration settings

User Settings

To setup system user access settings

Outlet Settings

To setup outlet details

Tax Group Settings

To manage tax group

Organisation Settings

To setup organization details

Report Settings

To setup report settings and fields to display in certain reports

System Reset

To reset whole system (all local data will be erased)