1. Select a customer.

  1. You can search your existing customer in the search box.
  2. For walk in customer, tap in Sales Memo page to choose their nationality and details
  3. For new customer, tap to create information and membership.

2. Select products.

  1. You can search product by key in related key words, product code in the search box.
  2. If you equip with barcode scanner, you can add product by scan the product barcode.

3. After select a product, you can :

  1. Slide right of item to perform edit quantity, add discount, and add remarks.
  2. Slide left of an item to perform edit price and delete item

4. Entitle Discount :

            1. Single Item Discount : you can slide right to assign

            2. All Item Discount : tap discount button to give all item discount.

            3. Whole Receipt Discount : it will base on the net price to give a discount

 Note : Whole Receipt Discount can be applied on top of All Item Discount. It will be calculated as discount on discount

5. Save Invoice 

        1. Tap save icon to save sales invoice

6. Retrieve sales invoice             

        1. Tap folder icon to retrieve sales