The credit note is not limited to use in the issued outlet. There are two ways to create credit note.

Main Sales Memo page (only able to issue today sales)

  1. Go to Sales -> Credit Note -> Select invoice (choose from customer purchase history OR key in invoice number)
  2. Tap on “Issue Credit Note”, confirm the item(s) to proceed. You can apply restocking fee by a sum or discounted.
  3. Proceed by tap on Issue button.

Invoice Listing (retrieve past invoices)

  1. Go to Reports -> Cashier Reports -> Invoice Listing.
  2. Select invoice to issue credit note.
  3. Confirm the item(s) to proceed.
  4. System will lead to issue credit note interface. Proceed by tap on Issue button.


3. Pay by credit note : Credit note reference number is required when payment include by credit note.