Overview and Edit Product

  1. To view existing product : go to Products -> Overview / New Product. Key in the name or product code of the item to review the basic and feature information.
  2. To edit existing product : Tap   at right top corner.

Create new product

  1. Go to Products -> Overview / New Product  Tap on choose “Add Product”
  2. Fill in the information you required and tap to save.
  3. To add product attributes in pull down box, you can tap on at right top corner to create.
  4. Table below shows the definitions of product’s Basic info :

Price Floor

Any promotions and discount applied on the item cannot cause it’s selling price to be lower than this price

Price 01 & Price 02

2nd or 3rd option of the product price


A product and service identification code

Product Point

The reward point entitle to the product when purchased

Redemption Point

The point required to spend to exchange this item

Table below shows the definitions of product’s Feature info :


Product created would not have inventory record. For example : alteration service in boutique, manicure service in nail salon.

Serial No.

When selling this product, serial number must be attached.

Service Charge

Enable when this product contain service charge

Ticket Product

Enable this function while creating ticket product.

Batch No.

When selling this product, batch number must be attached.

Edit Price

Allow selling price being edit in the sales memo page

Voucher Product

Enable this function while creating voucher product. For details, please refer Products -> Create Voucher 

Bulk upload

You can upload multiple products at one time.

  1. Go to Products Overview / New Products Tap on upload icon
  2. Tap on “Create CSV File Format” to select input fields for your table and save.
  3. Select “Send” and export to your email address.
  4. Open the file and input all the product information using your desktop or laptop.
  5. Upload the CSV file. Connect your iPad to laptop/desktop iTunes go to “Apps” Select “Retail POS+” add in the completed CSV file.
  6. Back to iPad, choose Select File and Confirm Attributes. Attributes will turn to Green colour.
  7. Confirm the products information. Click on Create button to proceed.