To enable session package function : Go to System Settings -> User Interface Settings

To add session package

  1. Go to Products -> Overview / New Products -> Tap on "+" icon ->Choose Add Session Package
  2. Fill in all the necessary information
  3. Tap on Add Session Group to create session name and quantity
  4. Tap on Add Product / Service and add item by selecting them from search box located at left side.
  5. Save it.

Sales of session package     

  1. Sales of session package must be tied to under a customer name. The sale of session package is same as normal product. You can select a session package from the product search box, by barcode scanner or pick from Menu.

View and Redeem Session Package

  1. In Sales Memo, select a customer and tap on “Session” button
  2. Select session package. Select session to redeem from list. Confirm with quantity.
  3. Tap on Use Selected Session. Invoice will be generated without making any payment.

Report for session package : 

  1. Go to Reports -> Product Reports -> Session Package. You can view by package name or customer. Tap on customer record to view Customer Session Details.