Table below shows the descriptions of each promotion type :

Promotion Types


Whole Receipt Gift Promotion

Free gift will be given for a minimum purchase of an assigned amount of value of goods.

Whole Receipt Item Promotion

An assign discount entitle for all products in the system

Product Item Promotion

Discount rate for listed items

Product Bundle Promotion

Several products sell at a cheaper price if buy them together


Products are sell at a set with a lower price

Package (variable) Promotion

Purchase of requested quantity of mixed freely items at discounted price under an assigned group of choices

Purchase with Purchase Promotion

Two or more selected item(s) purchase at same time would be entitled a discount for an assigned product

End Season Promotion

Selected items or groups of hods are entitled at same discount level or deduction of amount

Payment Promotion

Selected payment mode or credit card can entitle a discount in terms of percentage or fix value

Point Burn Promotion

A rate of spending point to dollar at a certain period

Tier Promotion

Allow to set increasing discount / reduce in price when the purchase quantity of an item / group of products increased