If you have multiple outlets, you may require transferring items to other outlet. This refers to transfer of stock between outlets. You can perform stock issue and stock receipt under stock transfer.

Stock Request

The process of stock request will be as shown below :

  1. Outlet A perform Stock Request 
  2. Outlet B accept request from Outlet A and perform Stock Issue
  3. Outlet A receive stock and perform Stock Receipt

Stock Issue

Go to Inventory -> Stock Transfer and choose “Stock Issue” tap.

Tap on "+new" icon to add new stock issue or tap "open draft" to retrieve your draft. To create add new stock issue :

  1. Select outlet and purpose of transfer.
  2. Select items (by key in or scan barcode), with quantity of each items.
  3. Submit to server. The receiving outlet will be able to see this record in stock receipt.

The listing on left side shows the status of stock issue.

Stock issue status is represented by colour of dot located beside each data row.

Green dot : In open status, stock not yet received

Red dot : Stock transfer voided

Grey dot : Stock received

Note that stock transfer record cannot be voided once outlet performs stock receives.

Stock Receipt

 Go to Inventory -> Stock Transfer and choose “Stock Receipt” tab, and click on "receive" icon. Scan or type the barcode of the item and save. You can choose to print summary.