Cashier Report



Invoice Listing

This shows the listing of sales by invoice

Sales Order Listing

This shows sales order list for selected outlet


It shows the activities regarding Sales Info, Payment Info, Item Sales Details, and Hourly Sales

Cash Float

Shows the cash in and out summary of cash drawer.

Credit Note Tracking

This shows issued credit notes, including their balance, amount and status

Prepaid Voucher Tracking

This shows a list of created vouchers with value and status

Deposit Tracking

This shows deposit paid by customer with value and status

Invoice Listing

You can filter the listing of sales by choosing from left side panel.

Tap on specific invoice to View, Edit, Void, and Issue Credit Note. Note that :

Edit Invoice : Only today’s invoice are editable. Information to edit includes Salesman and Payment Mode.

Void Sales : This void function allows void of past invoice

Sales Report



Gross Profit Report

This reports requires you to key the cost of products to generate

Sales Comparison

This report shows different outlets transactions and sales summary

Credit Card

This is only available when you have engaged in other payment gateway / devices

Product Report



Product Sellthrough

Allow analyse a product or group of products which turnover in certain period of a selected outlet

Session Package

Allow analyse session package sell through. You can sort by package name or customer.

Customer Report



Customer Value Listing

This report shows each customer’s total quantity and amount of spending in certain period

Customer Purchase Listing

This report shows the products bought by each customer in certain period. Report can be search by customer or product.

AR Listing

This report shows a list of credit account and outstanding balance of customers by outlet. Tap on the record to clear the balance

Customer Statement of Account

This is a detailed report showing billings to and payments from customers during a specific time period, together with an ending balance.

Salesman Report



Sales Listing by Salesman

Shows the salesman performance of a selected outlet in a period

Inventory Report



Inventory Movement

Shows a list of stock movement of an outlet in a period